About Us

Flooring Specialist Malaysia are a group of associated flooring specialist, each with our individual expertise. We specialized in flooring and surface preparation for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Hence, we offer our excellent services at the most reasonable pricing in recommending a suitable flooring for your house. 

Firstly, we are experienced flooring specialist with more than 10 years of experiences. We have handled many different types of flooring, ranging from installation, maintenance, polishing and restoration. 

Besides that, our floor specialist also propose proper surface preparation and suitable flooring depending on owner’s needs. Sometimes, house owner needs professional advice on appropriate flooring to install, before making a decision.

Engage and consult us for these upfront services. Hence, it is better to make the right decision before installation of your flooring. Rather than dilemma on whether to hack your new floors or walking on a floor that you dislike.

Our Field of Expertise

We specializes in wood flooringvinyllaminateepoxy flooringmarbles and tiles flooring. There are some houses that looks good with wood flooring, whilst some manufacturing factories require specific standard epoxy flooring. Hence, always consult with a specialist if you are unsure. Regardless if it relates to design or standard requirement for a particular industry, we can definitely assist.

For internal flooring for your house or shops, it is always more straight forward. You can either choose the normal tiles, marbles, wood flooring or even seamless epoxy. However, for external flooring, you may be talking about pebble washwood decking as well as landscaping garden. You need to choose the right material, as external factors may affect the longevity of the flooring.

If you want to know more about your flooring options, call us now. We will propose a flooring option that gives you the aesthetic feel and increases your property value. We are currently specializing in KL, Selangor and expanding throughout Malaysia. Lastly, we can turn your flooring dreams into reality at an affordable reasonable price.