Solid Wood Flooring

Many hardwood shoppers still don’t realize that there are actually two types of wood — solid and engineered. Both these flooring will help to add value to your home. Besides that, they are available in plenty of species, stains and styles. One of the most popular hardwood type is solid wood flooring.

Many homeowners will aspire to own solid hardwood flooring for its authenticity, timelessness and durability. Some customers like to have their own personal wood flooring style and déco. The widest solid flooring available is 5″, which is a moderate width that strikes a balance between the extra wide-plank trend and classic looks.

Solid is a great choice especially for the first and second floors. It enhances living spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. In addition, we usually install solid hardwood floors with nails. Solid hardwood is also best known for its endurance. Because it is solid through and through, it can be sanded and refinished for multiple times during a lifetime. And solid construction holds up well over time.

Below are the types of solid wood flooring that you can choose for your option.


  • Unfinished – Unfinished hardwood flooring is a common good option if you want a custom stain to be applied before the final finish, or if you want to match the color of existing flooring with the new installation
  • Prefinished – Prefinished hardwood flooring comes from the factory already sanded and sealed, meaning that the whole installation job goes quickly.
  • Solid hardwood – Solid hardwood flooring is all wood and comes in almost 5/8 to 3/4 inches thick. Because it’s solid wood, we can sand and refinish it as many times as we want.
  • Engineered hardwood flooring – This flooring is a veneer of real wood glued to several layers of wood underneath, like plywood. This however gives engineered wood excellent stability over time and makes it a good choice for any area of your home, including below-grade basements.

Suitability of Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood creates a beautiful impression and traditional option for wood flooring in your home. However, due to sensitivity of the material to moisture and heat, solid wood isn’t really suitable for every floor. Hence, it is important to consider the characteristics of each room when choosing flooring.

  • Kitchen: The kitchen can have a lot of foot traffic. In addition, it also has frequent spills and requires heavy duty cleaning. Therefore, we do not recommend solid wood flooring.
  • Bedroom: Bedrooms are a great option for a solid wood floor. We can opt for a softer wood species if we prefer aesthetics feel.
  • Bathroom: We do not recommend solid wood flooring for a bathroom due to moisture exposure. 
  • Living and Dining Rooms: A solid wood floornin a darker color can give a traditional, formal look to a living or dining room.
  • Home office: Another great space for a solid wood floor, although be aware that rolling chairs can damage the finish. 

For your interest in installing a wood flooring options, look for us. We are the wood flooring specialist in KL, Selangor and currently expanding throughout Malaysia. We can advise you with the right wood flooring options that will turn your living spaces in an affordable price. Sometimes, you may not even need to change your solid wood flooring. You may just need to polish, grind and varnish your existing wood flooring for a brand new look. Also check out the benefits of solid wood flooring