Clip Deck Flooring

Decking can be easily installed with the hidden fasteners to create a clean looking surface that is smooth even to bare feet.  Hidden fasteners can be used with compositevinyl, cedar, Ipe or other exotic hardwood material.  Many manufactured decking materials offer deck boards that are sold with a grooved edge.  You can also router the edges of solid deck boards to create a slot to accept deck clips.  It is important to note that pre-grooved boards do not have a standard groove size. 

Features of Clip Decking

Hidden clip fasteners are the kind of metal clips with a screw hole in the center and two metal “wings” that extend out on either side. The decking boards either come pre-grooved with a channel cut along the side, or the person building the deck would have to cut the channel with a biscuit jointer.

These deck fasteners attach to either side of each cross board, holding the decking in place underneath the deck surface. This keeps the surface absolutely free from nail or screw holes while still attaching the decking firmly.

Other fasteners slide between the decking boards at an angle. They help to avoid from putting any holes in the surface of the decking boards. And easily create uniform spacing between boards at 3/32 inch.

An additional style of hidden fastener is clear plastic that attaches to the cross joints. One is located between every other board on the deck.  A screw attaches the fastener to the cross joist, then another screw goes from the bottom right into each of the two boards where it holds to keep them securely in place.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) Decking

Deck fasteners are rapidly gaining demand as the by do-it-yourself homeowners. You also get a smoother, safer, and better looking deck surface.   Hardwoods, softwoods and composite decking all expands and contracts on its length.

Some composite decking materials are designed to be installed with hidden fasteners. These clip systems are screwed into the deck frame and fit tightly into the side of the boards. 

We recommend to start using reverse thread screws when face screwing composite decking to eliminate mushrooming. Mushrooming occurs when a standard bugle head screw pulls some composite material above the surface during installation. The resulting raised bump isn’t very attractive to the eyes. You can also use a hammer to level the surface.

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