Epoxy Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring systems that are often beautiful, durable, skid-resistant, and easy-to-clean. These are most preferred criteria for all shopping mall, retail store and office complex. Most coverings for retail concrete floors, however, require maintenance, like buffing, waxing and shampooing. These less-than-ideal flooring options may result in customer inconvenience, expensive downtime and overall higher cost.

These types of flooring are commonly installed in shopping malls, dances studios, food courts, and movie theaters. The department stores for example, would typically have unique flooring needs. From a performance standpoint, flooring must demonstrate outstanding wear and abrasion resistance. Similarly, food courts in shopping complex may also need anti-slip, hardened floor.

Customizable Commercial Flooring Systems

These aesthetically pleasing, industrial strength commercial flooring systems are typically available in a wide selection of colors and blends. You can utilize special concrete coating designs, shapes, and textures. This is to encourage traffic patterns, delineate departments or present your company logo under easy-to-clean clear epoxy coatings.

Long-term Protection for Retail Concrete Floors

All shopping areas normally will have two things in common: Plenty of foot traffic, and the need to keep floors pristine. Without durable and aesthetically-pleasing coatings, your floors can wear down and require expensive repairs.

The high performance systems for retail concrete floors are being formulated to withstand the ongoing wear from heavy traffic, and daily cleaning. This flooring has fast turnaround and low-odor options. Thus, making it easier to seamlessly integrate new flooring without interrupting your day-to-day operations. You may need to understand the benefits of epoxy flooring before you can appreciate the true value of epoxy.

Some commercial buildings also uses epoxy terrazo flooringmarble and granite flooring. Normally we install marble and granite in the external of the building, whilst terrazo is indoor.