Landscaping Garden Flooring

Landscaping garden flooring is normally external flooring of the house, which is usually comprise of flat land with grass. These type of natural grass flooring requires constant maintenance, fertilizing, watering, and grass cutting on the flooring. However, if it is maintained properly, it will definitely enhance the aesthetic value to your house. Besides adding to the greenery, it also adds colour and fresh breadth of air to your surrounding.

An excellent landscaping garden flooring should be carefully being planned and organized. We achieve this with a combination from all the plants, trees, and hardscape such as pathway, water feature, and furniture. As Malaysia in the tropical region, landscaping will usually involves softscape and hardscape.

Benefits of Garden Landscape Floor

Usually, for interior flooring, most people opt for wood flooringmarble, and tiles. We usually install these flooring in bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and other parts of your house. However, for exterior flooring, the most common flooring are wooden decking, pebble wash and garden landscaping. These are installed besides the swimming pool, car porch or garden. 

Some of the benefits of applying garden landscape flooring are:

  • Attributes to the aesthetic beauty of your house.
  • May also contribute to your property resale value in future.
  • A suitable flooring which takes into consideration all the safety concerns.
  • A pathway to your shelter or cooling off patio

Hence, the right flooring plays an important role in decorating your dream house. Main consideration besides the cost of installations, are the durability and suitability.

Other Landscape Designs

However, there are many types of landscaping designs that you can choose for your house. You can choose the minimalist with basic garden landscape theme, or complex decoration with water feature and pond. Any design preference is always up to individual customer’s preference. However, any theme needs to match well with the flooring. Sometimes besides beauty, you also need to consider functionality as well as safety and user friendly.

Thus, call us now for free consultation. We are the floor specialist, and we can advise you the feature of each types of flooring. It is best to get your choice right the first time, rather than contemplate changing the newly installed flooring. We focus mainly in KL and Selangor market, but may cover nearby states within Malaysia if there is request.

Landscaping Garden Flooring