Tiles Flooring

The choice of floor tile materials has been a significant role since they are not just only for the beauty itself, but for the proper functionality of house. Hence, the selection has to be made by keeping the entire necessary requirement in our mind especially when it comes to designing homes or commercials flooring. Durability is the foremost thing that one would really have to think about for their flooring materials and this nothing better than Marble or Granite floor tiles.

Marble or Granite floor is among the better choice for places where heavy traffic as well as higher end preference. Hence, we use them mainly in commercial complexes other than residential. However, it is the opposite when it comes to residential. Tiles are the preferred choice, because of its cheap pricing, as well as many different choice of textures and colours.

Features of Tiles Flooring


  • Ceramic tiles flooring is slightly more expensive compared to PVC or vinyl flooring.However, if compared to others, it is relatively cheap.
  • Tiles are inherently difficult to install due to weight and brittleness, while vinyl are lightweight and easy to install.
  • Ceramic or stone tiled flooring inherently feels cold and hard; but normal parquet wood flooring or solid wood feels warmer.
  • Ceramic tiles tend to be smooth and slippery; while other flooring are available in a variety of textures.

Why Tiles Are The Preferred

Now tiles can be used in order to beautify any part of your home. There are many parts of your home that can now be decorated using tiles. There is no shortage of colors and motifs. In addition, you can even order handcrafted tiles in order to give your interiors a magical makeover. So let’s see some of the various ways that you can use tiles in your home.

  • Lavish tiles for yourkitchen – This is one place where tiles is almost an automatic choice. For example, when we say tiles we generally mean ceramic or porcelain tiles. 
  • Tiles with unusual texture for your living room– Tiles with unusual textures can have a welcoming effect on the interior of your living room. You can use monochrome tiles to keep your décor in tune with the contemporary style.
  • Design a bedroom with a difference– Reveal your creative side when designing your bedroom. Choose bold geometric motifs for the flooring, and try to emphasize the contrasts.