Parquet Wood Flooring

Parquet flooring is one of the most common wood flooring in the market. It can be made from both using either solid or engineered wood.  

Solid wood parquet is made from solid pieces of timber whilst engineered parquet is made from different layers of wood. 

When installing this kind of parquet flooring, this is definitely a job for the professionals. Parquet flooring is installed using a cold adhesive which gives a very stable result.  

This type of wood flooring is much favoured because it is easy to clean, affordable and looks nice. Parquet flooring is most commonly laid in hallways and bedrooms because it gives a much warmer feeling under foot.

Types of Parquet Wood Flooring

  • Oiled parquet– The parquet oil is applied to penetrate the wood grain until it is being completely saturated.
  • Oak parquet– Oak parquet is being finished with a mat lacquer which mimics the appearance of oiled parquet.
  • Lacquered parquet– Lacquer is a film created on the surface of the wood which seals off the pores of the wood.
  • UV oiled – The parquet oil is rubbed into the wood, and the excess oil will also be removed mechanically. The planks are then dried with UV radiation.
  • Oxidative oiled parquet– Each plank is being oiled manually with very high quality parquet oil. The oil is applied and then being wiped away again until optimal saturation of the wood fiberscan is achieved.
  • Solid wooden floor– Solid parquet normally consists of a solid block of wood in which a tongue and groove has already been carved.
  • Multi-layer parquet – Multi-layer or engineered parquet is commonly being composed of 3 or more layers of wood affixed to one another. The top layer is being made of the hard wood with a thickness of at least 2.5 mm. The layers below are made of plywood.


Parquet wood flooring would certainly enhance the beauty of the house. It provides a soft, comfortable and classy look for your sweet home with this type of wood flooring.

We specializes in wood flooringvinyllaminateepoxy flooringmarbles and tiles flooring. There are some houses that looks good with wood flooring, whilst some manufacturing factories require specific standard epoxy flooring. Hence, always consult with a specialist if you are unsure. Regardless if it relates to design or standard requirement for a particular industry, we can definitely assist.

For internal flooring for your house or shops, it is always more straight forward. You can either choose the normal tiles, marbles, wood flooring or even seamless epoxy. However, for external flooring, you may be talking about pebble washwood decking as well as landscaping garden. You need to choose the right material, as external factors may affect the longevity of the flooring.

If you want to know more about your flooring options, call us now. We will propose a flooring option that gives you the aesthetic feel and increases your property value. We are currently specializing in KL, Selangor and expanding throughout Malaysia. Lastly, we can turn your flooring dreams into reality at an affordable reasonable price.