Benefits of Parquet

Parquet is one of the most common type of wood flooring in Malaysia. One should understand the benefits of parquet and installation requirement to truly appreciate the aesthetic beauty of wood flooring. The installation of parquet normally requires a well-leveled sub-floor and sanding. The most important thing when you are stripping the wood is to always follow its grain. However, this is rather quite hard to achieve on a surface made from wooden blocks facing multiple directions.

Types of Parquet

The most popular type of parquet pattern right now is the herringbone. This simple pattern alone comes in several variations such as single, double or diagonal (square) herringbone. However, there are completely different styles like brick, basket weave, hexagon or chevron that are currently in demand. 

Structurally, parquet comprise of three major groups:

  • solid, made from solid wood blocks of parquet flooring,
  • engineered usually created from multiple layers of hardwood and
  • Finally parquet overlay manufactured from much thinner wood pieces and commonly installed on top of already existing floors.

Grades of Parquet

Like every regular floor, parquets can be found in three grades – prime, select and rustic. 

  • Prime is the highest quality with no knots or sapwood. 
  • Select is the middle ground with few knots and a small amount of sapwood. 
  • Third is the rustic grade which offers the most natural look with many different types of knots.

Parquet is wood flooring made up of narrow strips glued together to form a pattern. When installing parquet wood flooring tile, there are two commonly used methods. Firstly, we can start near a wall and laying the tile in a row. Or secondly, we can also start in the center of the room and laying the tile in a pyramid pattern. 

Normally we install parquet wood flooring in the bedroom, living area or areas with less moisture. Depending on the wood species and finishing, your floor can look very contemporary. This is suitable for home owners looking for antique and natural look which matches their elegant theme.

Benefits of Parquet

There are 5 key benefits of parquet wood flooring. They are:

  • Appealing appearance –Parquet flooring gives an aesthetic and appealing appearance to your house, way above normal tile flooring.
  • Easy to clean –Normal cleaning such as wiping and moping is sufficient. It does not hold stains or odors unlike carpet flooring.
  • Durable –Parquet is very durable especially if it is solid wood flooring. If we maintain and polish it periodically, it will last for more than 10 years easily. 
  • Allergen free –This type of flooring is suitable especially if you have any allergies. It is also easy to keep clean.
  • Reasonable cost –As compared to other high-end flooring such as marble and granite flooring, this parquet flooring is definitely very reasonable.

However there are still some disadvantages that you may get from having parquet flooring in your home. For example no matter how well you care for your flooring, it is mandatory that the tiles be resealed, sanded and polished. Finally, because parquet flooring is made of wood, so be aware that it is susceptible to moisture and humidity.