WPC Decking

Exterior of a house is as important as interior designed house. When someone enter the house, the first thing they will notice is nice design of the exterior, including landscape garden flooring. It would certainly look and feel different if we have decorate the exterior house with some proper decking, landscaping or pebble wash. It gives a classy and easy to maintain outlook for the exterior surrounding of your house. Hence, in order to get the most of your decking, you must firstly know the types of decking available.

Types of WPC Decking

WPC or Wood-plastic composite typically combines the ground wood particles, plastic & other fillers to mimic the original appearance of natural wood. Some of the famous types of WPC woods are:

  1. Vinyl –Firstly, vinyl flooring is actually developed by taking pictures of wood and sticking them on vinyl planks or sheets
  2. Laminate –Secondly, laminate wood flooring is developed by taking pictures of wood and then sticking or printing it on planks. 


The WPC decking is most suitable when the home owners are currently seeking for low maintenance decking. Since these types of decking can also, if you are talented enough installed them through the DIY method with expert’s help.

We mainly install this type of decking for outdoor purpose. This is due to its resistant against weathering, bugs, and warping. Therefore you only need to to replace them periodically. You can also install this WPC decking where there are heavy foot traffic because it is not slippery and offers more traction.


If you want to enhance your exterior house, do look for us. We are the wood flooring specialist in KL, Selangor and currently expanding throughout Malaysia. We can advise you with the right wood flooring options. Our flooring will eventually turn your dream house in a convenient way and affordable price.