Granite Flooring

Marble or Granite flooring both can be obtained in a variety of designs and colors. Each flooring has their own unique features. For example, the natural coloration, veins and pattern variations of these stone tiles. Hence, owners would be able to mix and match these stone colors and shades to create their own floor tiles design. 

They will then be able to enhance the stylishness and characteristic for their homes. It helps accentuate the beauty and class of the house, as this flooring is one of the high-end quality flooring in the market. We need to understand the benefits of granite flooring before we can appreciate why we should install this flooring.

Difference between Granite and Marble Flooring

Hardness and longevity: Granite is comparatively harder and stronger than marble. Granite is one of the most durable natural stone.

Reactivity to acidic substance: Both natural stones have a porous structure. However, granite is less easy to get stained from acidic liquid spills like fruit juices and wines.

Appearance: Granite’s color variation appears as freckling throughout the stone because granite has meddled stones in it like feldspar, mica and amphibole.

Applications: The durable quality of granite makes it appropriate for kitchen countertops and hallways where there is high foot activity

Maintenance: Granite do not need as much sealants and as frequent as marble. It only needs 2 years once.

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to install granite flooring. It is commonly found on hallways, staircase, kitchen, bathroom, and pools. Besides that, we can see it a lot in commercial centers like malls and hotels.

Granite flooring is famous for its cool walking surface. This is because these materials have the ability to retain the cold temperature of its surroundings. In addition, these materials also do not need a lot of cleaning. Lastly, it is able to sustain from any type of moisture.


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