Pebble Wash Flooring

Pebble Wash Flooring is commonly referred to as exposed aggregate finish. It consists of a 70% pebble and 30% cement mix. Besides, the pebbles selection normally varies in size, shapes and color. The 12mm thick combination of pebbles and cement is mix at the ratio of 70% and 30%. Then, it is laid on the substrate such as cement sand rendering or wall plastering. Many people prefer to install pebble wash due to its durability, mixture of color as well as its texture surface.

Method of Installation

Firstly, we will apply cement as the basic flooring. Then, there is 2 methods of adding in the pebbles. The first method is just to pour it on the cement. Whilst the second method is to coat it with glue which will hold onto the pebbles. In most instance, the glue is preferred as it will be stronger to hold on to the pebbles. A final protective coat will be the finishing touch. It will protect the pebbles from coming out when there is wear and tear.

Common Areas Where We Can See Pebble Wash

Where do we normally see this flooring? Well most of them install it in their residence, whilst some commercial using it in planter box. They are:

  • In the Outdoor paving area
  • The landscape of the house
  • At the walkway of the house
  • Walls inside or outside the house
  • Area that is surrounding the swimming pool
  • Around the deck area.


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