Marble Polishing

Marble floor polishing is best to be done in order to keep your floors always shining and dirt and grime free. Marble polishing however can help to remove strains and dents. Besides, it also makes the marble floor to appear smoother and completely restores its former shine.

A shiny stone surface indicates that the surface is extremely smooth. The smoothness makes it very easy for light to reflect from it. The smoother the stone, the more reflective it becomes. This happens because light stays together when it reflects from the stone. Hence, each ray bounces from the surface exactly in the same direction. Of course, when a marble surface becomes rough and suffer scratches, the light bounces in all different directions. This uneven surface however causes the light to refract, and our eye perceives a dull slab of marble.

No matter what is the finish, it’s really important that you take good care of your marble to make it appear as new for long term. Both finishes should be sealed in order to prevent liquid penetration. Regular maintenance will help you keeps your marble looking as beautiful as always. First, you might as well look out for common household substances that can easily spill on your luxurious marble.

How Frequently Should We Polish Our Marble Floor?

1.Usage of the room –

The frequency with which you use the room having the marble floors will go a long way in determining how many times that you should polish the marble. If the room is being used regularly then it is important that you always polish the marble since it will be regularly getting into contact with different types of dirt.

1. Cost –

The cost of polishing marble floors has to be considered very carefully especially by home owners. Purchasing marble is a bit expensive and you will obviously want to keep your maintenance costs low at all time. You should however also consider that if you do not polish your marble regularly it may lose its appeal and you may be forced to replace all the marble.

1.Type of marble –

The type of marble that is being used in the floors is very important in helping you to determine the frequency of cleaning. Some marbles are softer than others and they therefore will need more specialized attention. Softer marble ought to be cleaned more frequently that marble that is slightly harder. This is because the softer marble is considered prone to scratches. And if we do not polish it regularly, it may lose its shine and end its useful life prematurely.

1. The stains on the marble –

The type of dirt or stains that you will normally see on the marble goes a really long way in determining how many times or how frequently that you should polish your marble. When you see a stain or an etch that you think may cause a lot of problems in future it is important that you deal with it as soon as possible. Some stains if being left to stay there for long may be almost impossible to remove from the marble. It does not matter if you polished your marble the previous day.

We usually do marble polishing services in four pivotal steps – Grinding, Honing, Polishing and Buffing.  Unlike wood polishing services, which is done in Wood Polishing, Sanding Grinding and Varnishing. Diamond grinding of marble floors utilizes industrial diamonds for sharpening edges, leveling and reduction of roughness by making it shinier and glossier. By removing the deepest scratches and marks, the process is instrumental in giving a much uniform and spectacular appearance.


Hence, you do not necessarily need to replace the entire marble flooring due to scratches and dull color. Sometimes, you just need to polish it to make it shinny and return to its original beauty. Consult with us for any professional advice on your flooring. We can also do timber restoration and epoxy rectification services. We specializes in KL and Selangor, as well as some other states within Malaysia.