Timber Flooring

If you’re thinking of renovating your house, one of the things that you should consider changing is the flooring. Even though you may not realize, getting a timber flooring can bring an enormous change to the look of the entire home. However, selecting a flooring material is not an easy task as there are far too many options to consider.

Among many others, timber wood is one of the materials which are highly recommended by flooring experts. This is because it offers a lot of benefits for a very reasonable price. If you haven’t use timber wood before, you should read about the benefits of wood flooring to appreciate its benefit. It may convince you to install timber wood floors in your home right away. Thus, timber wood is actually a great option when it comes to flooring materials. 

Hardwood – Solid Tongue & Groove

Traditional flooring system is the type of flooring that cannot be matched for its lasting beauty and durability. Solid hardwood tongue and groove strip is being laid onto joists, battens, over concrete or nail to old timber flooring. We place the boards in a tight plank to plank fit to ensure a continuous and stable surface.

Pre-Finished Engineered Flooring

This is a very popular flooring giving all the benefits of tongue and groove flooring, but without the need for sanding and polishing.  The boards are all pre-finished with coating already applied, so it can be installed in half the time of traditional flooring.


Parquet floors add a unique and stunning feature to any premises.  Parquetry is hard wearing and is available in two styles, mosaic and block.

Laminate Timber

Laminate flooring is being stuck on a board to give it the look of a timber floor.  It is a much cheaper option to a real timber floor and more durable. Laminate consists of 4 layers which are heat pressed together in one large sheet, then cut into various sizes.

When you need the most durable and cost effective solution for your flooring option especially for your interior design projects, timber wood flooring might be the perfect answer for all your need. Their rich natural colors and durable quality are what we have come to expect in every homes.



Therefore, if you are open to explore flooring option that will enhance the value of your home, look for us. We are one of the top wood flooring specialist in KL, Selangor and currently expanding throughout Malaysia. We will advise you with the right wood flooring options that will make your dream flooring into a reality.

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