Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring Maintenance is rather an easy task which you can do it yourself. Regular maintenance normally includes sweeping with a soft bristle broom or dusting with a dry microfiber mop. If the floor has beveled edges, vacuum with the beater bar being turned off in order to successfully remove dust from between the floor boards. 

Steps to Maintain Your Wood Flooring

In order for you to keep wood floors looking and performing well for generations, all you need is to follow these guidelines. Individual maintenance schedules normally will vary depending on use, wear and tear, and lifestyle of the owner. There are other steps that can also help you in order to maintain the beauty of wood floors.

  • Do not use vinyl or tile cleaning products on wood floors. Self-polishing acrylic waxes would cause wood to become slippery and appear dull quickly.
  • Use throw rugs at doorways to help prevent debris from being tracked in and scratching the floor.
  • Does not wet-mop or steam mop a wood floor. Water and steam can dull the finish and even damage the wood.
  • Wipe up spills immediately with a slightly dampened cloth.
  • Do not over-wax a wood floor. If a wax floor dulls, try buffing instead. Avoid wax buildup under furniture and other light traffic areas.
  • Put stick-on felt protectors under the legs of furniture to prevent scuffing and scratching. Replace these often as dirt and debris can become imbedded on the pad and act like sand paper on the flooring surface.
  • Avoid walking on your wood floors with sports cleats and high heels. 
  • When moving heavy furniture, do not slide it on wood flooring. It is best to pick up the furniture to move it and to prevent scratches.
  • For wood flooring in the kitchen, place an area rug at the kitchen sink.

Wood floors will offer great long-term value, as they are easy to maintain, and gradually add value to the home or business. When they are being properly installed and maintained, wood floors can last for almost hundreds of years. Other flooring options that won’t last as long however will need to be replaced more often, at additional expense both financially and also to the environment.

Routine maintenance normally requires nothing more than just a broom or dust mop. Periodically, using wood flooring cleaner made for the floor will help you in order to remove surface dirt. Wood floors also add value to a property. Real estate agents report that properties with installation of wood floors will normally sell faster and for more money than properties without wood floors.

Types of Cleaning and Maintenance for Wood Flooring

Different wood flooring requires different types of maintenance and cleaning methods in order not to damage the surface:

  • Natural hardwood floors are by far the hardest to keep clean. Because you have to be certain that the chemicals you are using to clean them are not going to remove the polish and wax on the floors.
  • Some chemicals suitable for manufactured wood floors will eat away the protective layer found on natural wood. Whereas the chemicals used for natural wood may not be strong enough to remove the buildup on manufactured wood floors.
  • For parquet wood flooring, you need to do polishing, grinding and varnishing for periodical maintenance. It will give your floor a brand new look.
  • Solid wood flooring which does not have any deep scratches, only needs polishing and varnishing to make your floor shinning.


Therefore, you should consider getting continuous maintenance for your flooring that will enhance and protect the value of your home. You can also DIY if it is a minor maintenance. Last but not least, if you are considering a proper wood flooring maintenance, we are one of the best wood flooring specialist in KL, Selangor and currently expanding throughout Malaysia. We will help you maintain your wood flooring to further enhance the useful lives of your wooden floor.