Epoxy Paint Flooring

Epoxy paint comprises of two liquid components — the epoxy resin and a hardener. These two components must be mixed together immediately before you will start with the application. Once applied, epoxies are tougher and more abrasion-resistant than ordinary house paints. Because of their chemical-resistant properties, we often use these epoxy paints in industrial facilities. However, we also apply them in some residential flooring.

Suitability of Epoxy Paint

Garage Floors – Epoxy paints for garage protects the concrete floor from hot tire marks, oil stains and other automotive fluids. 

Basements – In the basement, epoxy floor paints’ coating is hard to resist routine scuffing and abrasion. 

Kitchens – Mostly used in counter tops that will resist discoloration from coffee, tomato sauce, olive oil and kitchen cleaning chemicals.

Driveway – It protects the driveway floor from high usage vehicle and easy to clean, similar to pebble wash.

Toilet – We also apply epoxy paint for some toilets due to its anti slip, and waterproofing features.

Living Hall – Metallic Epoxy and Seamless Epoxy are preferred for their aesthetic beauty for the entire house.

Why Prefer Epoxy Paint over Epoxy Flooring System

Why people still prefer epoxy paint rather than the full epoxy flooring system because of these:

  • The cost to do the epoxy flooring system in full is quite high especially if it is just the small residential area.
  • Unless if you intend for heavy duty usage on your floor, epoxy floor coating should be adequate for normal flooring usage.
  • For normal residential use, we also do not need to meet the strict regulations such as GMP and HACCP standards.

Hence, do not hesitate to call us for further consultation. We specializes in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, as well as our associates in other parts of Malaysia. If you have any needs, we can help assist with your queries.