Marble Flooring

Flooring is a vital design element and also the first thing that you will see when you open the door. Therefore choosing the right flooring can set the mood and style of a room. It certainly adds value to your property, as well as brings great first impression to your guests. Flooring that looks good and lasts throughout time enhances the value of homes. Besides, it can make a significant difference in the appearance of your home. Fortunately these days, there are many types of marble floor that you can choose from.

Marble stone is a type of rock that is originates naturally from the extreme heat and pressure on the limestone. It is later being composed of recrystallized carbonated rocks, most commonly calcite and dolomite. Geologists normally will use the term “marble” in order to refer to limestone that has metamorphose. 

Feature of Marble Flooring

Marble is a type of stone, distinctive in pattern, durable and practical for different types of flooring and sculptures.

Most people prefer to use these natural stone floor tiles for its long-lasting beauty, practicality and durability. In addition, it is also able to sustain pressure from drop impacts, furniture, and withstand high foot traffics. 

We usually install marble on hallways, staircase, kitchen, bathroom, pools or even in commercial centers like malls and hotels.

Similar to Granite, marble seems to be more aesthetically valuable and easily available in different colors. Known for its beauty, strength and resistance to fire, marble is now widely used in building construction, monuments and sculptures. Today more people use marble for flooring and wall cladding.


If you are considering to apply marble flooring, but are still not convince, do check with us. We are the leading flooring system installers in this marble floors. You can also read up on benefits of marble flooring. Another possible option, which has similar effect as marble, would be metallic epoxy flooring.

Check out our Marble Polish Services. Sometimes you don’t necessary needs to replace the entire flooring. A nice polish may return your marble to its original beauty.