Timber Restoration

Wood flooring gets damaged over the course of time. However, this damage isn’t always irreparable. Sometimes, you merely need timber restoration instead of replacing the entire wood flooring. There are several factors that could damage wood flooring such as spilling tea, or moving furniture. Therefore, you should be careful not to move the furniture around too rashly.

Your efforts at cleaning could also damage the floor. You should take care to mop the floor using a light detergent. Using a harsh chemical or something acidic could damage the flooring. A water-leak in the house, if not dealt with immediately, might lead to permanent damage. If it gets bad, you might need some professional help.  

Types of Floor Which Needs Restoration

  • When your wood flooring has some scratches that makes it an eye-sore to the home owners.
  • When the colour of your solid wood flooring is shading off, it may indicate it needs a new varnish.
  • When there is some hollow parquet wood flooring, due to wood decay resulting from water seepage.
  • When the vinyl or laminate stickers are coming off due to wear and tear.

Sometimes the affected area could just be a portion of the entire flooring for the building. For example the water leakage only happens on first floor. Or scratches on wooden floor in high usage kids’ play room. It is definitely not cost effective to replace the whole house flooring. In this situation, the owner just needs to restore the particular affected wood floor in that room.


For continuous maintenance that protects the value of your home, you can DIY if it is a minor maintenance. However, you can still look for us for major maintenance requirements. This is because we are one of the top wood flooring specialist in KL, Selangor and expanding throughout Malaysia. We can advise you with the right wood flooring options. Hopefully, this will turn your living spaces into something that you dream of in a convenient and affordable price.